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About Telerad Foundation

The Telerad Foundation is the concept and passion of the founders of Teleradiology Solutions, two Yale trained physicians who returned to India in 1999 with the dream of using their learning gained in the Ivy-league campuses of the US to bring the best in medical technology and healthcare to the rural populations of the developing world and the best in medical education to medical postgraduate students across India, using information technology as the tool and medium.

The Foundation founded in 2007, to support Teleradiology for remote areas has expanded into Telemedicine services and education. Enabling newer models of healthcare delivery in unreached areas remains our passion and motivation to reach more and more people keeps us going.

A platform that mobilizes Resources for Healthcare philanthropy. The Foundation also taps the resources of volunteer radiologists and doctors in places as far away as the US and Australia who wish to donate their time and expertise. It is a registered entity that allows for 80(G) exemption benefits to donors, and seeks active volunteers to further promote its cause.

We work with Government Agencies , Foundations , Corporates and Charitable hospitals to advance high quality health care by building scalable low cost solutions that work .

Our Focus Areas have been :

  • Developing low cost technologies to make the delivery of such services feasible to locations where high-speed broadband has not yet penetrated... Read More....

  • Providing teleradiology support to hospitals in rural/semirural or underserved areas in Asia that are unable to obtain on-site radiology coverage, and thereby provide a higher standard of diagnosis and care to such communities....Read More....

  • Disseminating knowledge and training in the field of teleradiology and telemedicine to raise the overall standard of medical care in the community...Read More....



Read More......

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